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Bezpieczna Rezerwacja
Sprzedajemy wycieczki przez internet od 2004 roku. Mamy doświadczonych konsultantów ds sprzedaży.

Szybka Rezerwacja
Wszystkie formalności związane z rezerwacją możemy załatwić w 15 minut.

Gwarancja Organizatora
Od 2015 roku jesteśmy Touroperatorem i posiadamy Gwarancję ubezpieczeniową.

Twoja podróż jest bezpieczna
Każda wycieczka jest chroniona przez specjalne ubezpieczenie od niewypłacalności Organizatora.

Gazele Biznesu
W 2015 i 2017 roku zostaliśmy nagrodzeni e-Gazelą Biznesu przez Puls Biznesu w dziedzinie biznes e-commerce.

Nagrody i Dyplomy
Jesteśmy regularnie nagradzani przez Touroperatorów. Sprawdź »

Referencje od Firm
Możemy pochwalić się dobrze zorganizowanymi wyjazdami dla form, szkół, stowarzyszeń. Sprawdź »

Należymy do Polskiej Izby Turystycznej. I posiadamy dyplom Rzetelna Firma wydany przez KRD.


Tour Warsaw Incoming

If you would like to come to Warsaw and suggest you visit it short and longer trips . Contact our office.


Warsaw by segway:

We will take yout to the Old Town by segway. Our 3 hour tour with English speaking guide is a good offer for those who would like to see more in shorter time. We will ride around the Old Town and the New Town, along picturesque alleys and squares with cafes. All those elements create unique atmosphere of the tour. Our guide will take you to the Old Town area to show you the Royal Castle, Old Market Square and Barbican. Following The Royal Route you will see Presidential Palace, University of Warsaw, Holy Cross Church with Chopin's heart and Copernicus Statue. More highlights include: New Town with Monument of Warsaw Uprising, Jewish Ghetto, Tomb of Unknown Soldier.

Program for indyvidual and groups:

hotel pick up and drop off,
English speaking guide,
3 hours of sightseeing.

Wilanów Palace Tour:

We will take you to the wonderful place that is Wilanow Palace.

The history of the Wilanow Palace, a wonderful Baroque royal residence, began on April 23, 1677, when a village became the property of King John Sobieski III. At the beginning, the residence built there was small. Augustyn Locci, the king’s court architect, received the task of creating only a ground floor residence of a layout typical for the buildings of the Republic of Poland. However, military successes and an increase of the importance of royalty in the coming years had a huge influence on expanding the initial project. Huge construction works were conducted in the years 1677-1696. After completion, the building comprised of elements of a nobility house, an Italian garden villa and a French palace in the style of Louis XIV. After the death of the King, the Palace became the property of his sons, and in 1720, a run down property was purchased by one of the wealthiest women in Poland of those days – Elizabeth Sieniawska. In 1730, the Palace, for three years, was owned by king August II the Strong, who made considerable changes in the residence, particularly as far as the internal décor is concerned.

In the middle of 18th century, the Wilanów property was inherited by the daughter of Czartoryski, wife of a field marshal, Izabela Lubomirska, during whose reign, Wilanów started shining with its previous glory. Sixty nine years later, the Duchess gave Wilanów to her daughter and her husband, Stanislaw Kostka Potocki. Thanks to his efforts, one of the first museums in Poland was opened in the Wilanów Palace, in 1805.

The exposition consists of two parts: on the main floor you will be able to see the royal apartments of the palace. Rooms where parties took place, chambers where the royal couples listened to music, met their friends and guests, and where they worked and rested. On the first floor there is the Gallery of the Polish Portrait, where you can see the effigies of the Polish monarchs collected over the centuries, representatives of great magnate families, participants of national uprisings, eminent artists and people honored by Poland. Their authors are often prominent Polish and foreign painters.

Program Tour Warsaw for indyvidual and groups:

hotel pick up and drop off,
English speaking guide,
4-5 hours of sightseeing.


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